St. John’s Church School


St. John’s Church School is the primary venue for Christian Education of elementary-aged children offered at St. John’s Church. Instruction for elementary aged children takes place during the 10:30 service.  Please see master church calendar for changes in schedule.


  • There are two nurseries available. Both are located on the first floor of Cranmer Hall. They are separated by infant – walking (newborn – around 14 months) and then toddlers (14 months – potty trained (age 3)).
  • Both nurseries have access to pager buzzers for the parents to take to church. This way they can be notified if they are needed without disturbing worship. It also gives parents a peace of mind.
  • Both nurseries have laminated checklists on clip boards for the parents to fill out when they drop their children off. It is a quick way to convey information that might be needed.
  • Nurseries are provided from 9:15 until the conclusion of the 10:30 service.

Preschool – Kindergarten

  • Preschool children are those who are age three and are potty trained.
  • This class is located on the second floor of Cranmer Hall.
  • At 10:30, this class will have music, lesson, and fellowship playtime.

1st– 5th Grade 

  • These classes meet at 10:30 on the 2nd floor of Cranmer Hall.
  • All children will attend church with their parents.  They will then follow the cross over to Cranmer Hall for Sunday School.
  • Children are to be picked up at the conclusion of the 10:30 service.

For information about our upcoming events and for weekly updates of the lessons please sign up for the weekly email update and parish paper on the home page.

For questions, please  via email.

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