6th Grade, Middle School & High School Students

To continue learning about walking the Christian life, St. John’s offers classes for the youth beyond the 5th grade – from confirmation class to high school

6th Grade Confirmation Class

3rd Floor of Cranmer Hall

  • This Class provides detailed preparation for Confirmation
  • Confirmation will take place May 7th, 2017
  • Regular attendance required

Please contact Father Dunbar for more information at 232-1251.


Confirmed Youth

3rd Floor Cranmer Hall

  • Led by Angela Najam, Adell Sheahan, Linda Sheahan, Cathy Rodgers, and Stacy Jennings

Summer Opportunities for Youth

St. Michael’s Conference-
A Conference in the Anglican Tradition for Young Adults of All Christian Communions
July 31-August 5 in West Hartford, CT
A week-long summer opportunity to center on worship, discussion, recreation, and relaxation is available for young adults (14-21) who seek a clearer vision of God in Christ. Travel & Tuition bursaries are available on a first-come, first-served basis.  Call Father O’Brien at 912-308-4441 for more information.

Mission Trip to Cumberland House, Saskatchewan-
A Mission Trip – 2017
Cumberland House, Saskatchewan
Settlement in northwestern Saskatchewan, Canada

Cumberland House is the oldest settler community in Saskatchewan. The population of Cumberland House consists of mostly ‘First Nations’ people, including Cree and Metis. It is located on Pine Island in the Saskatchewan River. Cumberland House was the Hudson’s Bay Company first inland fur-trading post, around which Saskatchewan’s oldest permanent settlement was founded in 1774. Adjacent to Cumberland House is the Cumberland House Cree Nation Reserve, part of the original Cumberland House settlement.

In July, a small group of young people from St. John’s Church, along with BC and St. Vincent’s, will offer a Vacation Bible School for the indigenous people of Cumberland House. This week-long mission trip is in a beautiful, but remote area of Canada. Accommodations are limited. We will be housed in a 2-bedroom, 1-bath home at Cumberland House. Sleeping bags will be necessary. We will bring provisions for our meals.

Adell Sheahan will be the group leader. We have been in contact with the youth ministry coordinator in Prince Albert who serves four Episcopal churches in the area. Fr. Mike has been most helpful with the details. The church we will be serving in Cumberland House is The Church of the Good Shepherd.

The cost of the trip will be approximately $1200 – $1500 (we are unable to be specific until airfare is confirmed). This includes airfare, hotel, food, van rental, insurance, gas, and materials for VBS.

Tentative schedule:

July 15- Leave Savannah; Arrive Prince Albert, Saskatchewan; Overnight hotel stay in Prince Albert
July 16- Drive to Cumberland House (approx. 3 hrs.)  –  Move in!
July 17 – 21- VBS (other possible activities include canoeing, swimming, hiking)
July 22-  Leave Cumberland House; Drive to Prince Albert; Depart Prince Albert; Arrive Savannah

Due to airline cost restraints, we must have a firm commitment with all expenses paid by March 14.

Please contact Adell Sheahan @ 912-657-3417 for more information.



***Stay tuned to the upcoming events for various youth activities during the year.

For questions on any of the items above, please email us.